Running Forward

Always remember your why - Tips for understanding the motivation that will keep you running!!:

I recently read a very good blog about running at   The title is ” Dovi and Me:  The Elite Infliction of Ultra Running “.   No matter what kind of running you do, road, trail, track or ultra, the blog makes a very good point about why most runners like myself started running.

Not just in ultra running, running society as a whole has become too obsessed with elite running and elite runners.  I do admire elite runners train hard and compete honestly but not to the point I follow them on social media and check on their training and diets constantly.

My first running race was a 5k run.  I was 10 years old and wanted to see how fast I could go.  I didn’t worry or care what place I came in.

Running is simple like that.  Somewhere between that 5k run and high school cross country and qualifying for Boston I lost touch with MY running.  I’ve thrived on the competition with others and myself but realized  I’ve forgotten how running was before PRs and winning small races.

I’m running toward where it all started; just me and MY running.






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