I’ve gone through many changes this year that it’s time to take care of my mental health.  Physically, I’m healthy though my running is nowhere near I want it to be with my foot still acting up.  I spent earlier months of the year in Honolulu and traveling Southeast Asia.  Just a few  month ago, I decided to go into my own business in Portland, OR.

I’ve been in Portland for a few weeks now.  Things are not going the way I want with my business but that’s to be expected.  Some days are more frustrating than the others.  The weather is…..well I’m from an island and it’s a lot to get used to.  My daughter lives here and she is going through some changes in her life.  We both needed to calm anxiety and  decided to do yoga together for 30 days and possibly everyday after.  We’ve been going to classes on weekends and doing video yoga sessions on other days.


I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years; Mostly vinyasa flow to stretch out tightness to help my running.  I incorporate some challenging poses here and there.  But the style of yoga my daughter and I have been doing is focused on relaxation.  We do a lot of gentle movements and poses. We are aware of our breaths.  This yoga is not about achieving perfect poses but about being relaxed in the present.


I’ve noticed how centered and calm I become by sitting cross-legged and focused on my breathing.  Sometimes it’s very hard to let go of all my thoughts and expectations.  For me, letting go means I do my best every day and the rest is not so important.  By being kind and gentle to my body, I believe healing takes place.




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