Hand Crafted Colorful Baskets at Sunday Night Market

One of the things I love most about traveling is visiting local markets.   There are two major night markets in Chiang Mai.  One of them is Night Bazaar on Chang Klan Road. It’s open 7 days a week and lively with tourists.  There are countless vendors selling clothes, watches, souvenirs and just about everything visitors find intriguing.  There are lots of street foods and restaurants with live music playing.

The other is Sunday Night Market or Weekend Night Market.  It is open on Saturdays also but known mostly as Sunday Night Market.  It starts just a few blocks inside of Chiang Mai Gate and spreads along the stretch of Rachdamnoen Road which is turned into a pedestrian zone just for the night market.  There are few wats ( temples ) to stop by and see on the way there.  This market is popular with the locals and visitors from abroad.  Many street food vendors with authentic Thai dishes and snacks are enjoyed.  This is a good place to find unique locally made crafts and Thai silk scarves.  The best time to go there is earlier in the evening before 5:00 pm ( the market starts around 4:00 pm ) so there is still plenty to eat and see the surroundings.  The market area is spread out so wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated with the freshly made fruit juices from the vendors!


Short Stroll Inside Wat Phra Sing


Delicious Street Food- Curry!!


Sticky Mango Rice


Fresh Local Fruits & Fresh Juices


Pretty Glow of Lanterns

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