Hoi An is an ancient port city dating back to the 15th to the 19th century in Quang Nam Province on the central coast of Vietnam.  It is about 35-40 minutes drive from Da Nang International Airport.


Little Boats at the River

Hoi An is a place where you feel that you are in this magical time space between past and present with its of French, Chinese and Japanese influences in the architecture, cuisine and people.  There are those colorful French colonial buildings and Chinese temples.  There is a Museum with the remnants of its past.  At the same time, the people are moving forward while preserving their quaint little town.


Colorful Lanterns

Ditch your guide books and ” # of best things to do” lists.  Let your soul guide you.  Things I enjoyed here most were just wandering around and discovering things by accident and talking with the locals.  Of course, eating too!!


Cao Lau; Hoi An Local Dish


Fresh Fruits at Local Markets

Yes you can go on bike tours or day tours etc….But what would be better than to get lost in thoughts at one of the open air cafes or to sit and gaze at the pretty lanterns and boats floating lazily in the river?  Visiting temples and heritage sites is a peaceful and calming experience also.  It left me feeling nostalgic about the life before my time.


Lovely Buildings


Emerging Art Scene


Beautiful Day

Night time is magical here with colorfully lit lanterns on the streets and buildings.  Lights reflected and danced on the river’s surface.


Lanterns at Night

Floating lanterns on the river is an ancient Chinese practice in remembrance of lost loved ones.


At Dusk


Floating Lantern on River


Lantern Floating Away


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