Bitter melon ( bitter gourd ) is an ugly-looking vegetable with a bitter and peculiar taste. It’s said that bitter melon prevents many health problems and diseses such as Type II Diabetes, kidney stones, pancreatic cancer, obesity and high cholesterol.

Most people don’t know what to do with it in terms of consumption. Here is a very simple, versatile and complete dish to make using what is at hand in your refrigerater.  This recipe can be experimented with other vegetables and proteins.


What you’ll need ( 2 servings );

1/2 medium sized bitter melon

10 cherry tomatoes or 1/2 tomato

1 cup  baby spinach leaves

2 Baby Bella  ( or any kind ) mushrooms

2 eggs ( optional )

1/4 onion

2-3 cloves garlic

salt & pepper

red pepper flakes ( optional )

1 tablespoon cooking oil ( any kind )

1, Cut bitter melon in half cross wise and then length wise and remove white membrane and seeds inside.  Slice thinly.

2, Cut tomatoes in half or dice if whole.

3, Slice mushrooms, chop onion and garlic.

4, Heat oil in skillet.  Sauté  bitter melon, onion, garlic  for 3 minutes.  When bitter melon is heated through, add spinach leaves.

5, Break eggs over spinach and scramble lightly.  Add tomatoes.  Scramble until eggs are cooked.

6, Season with salt & pepper.  ( I add a little kick; red pepper flakes or Sriracha sauce )

7, Enjoy with rice, bread, quinoa or potatoes!



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