Visiting in Portland means food carting!!  I would eat from a food cart at least once a day.  When out and about with my kids and we are all hungry, food carts are quick and convenient.  Indian, Thai, Greek, Mexican, Japanese ( sushi ) and other international plates are at hand.  I’ve noticed a lot of Hawaiian food too.


My favorite are the ones in South East Division.  I was there over the holidays and it was cold though they had heating in the seating area.  A Hot bowl  of Japanese ramen from Hapa tasted really good.  Summer time I would enjoy Indian or Greek food there.  And I love the vegan cupcakes and sweets!!  There are a lot of food carts in downtown area also.  I’ve been to a few of them and really liked indian and Mexican foods.  I’ve yet to go to the ones in North East and South West.  Being a foodie, I really appreciate the variety and convenience  Portland offers when it comes to food.  We can all feel good about supporting the local small business by eating at food carts.

Here are some websites to browse if you are in Portland and figure out which areas to explore when food-carting;

Travel Portland

On the last note, I’ve discovered a new favorite on Division.  Kim Jong Grilling Korean BBQ ( pictured above ).  I had a big portion of Galbi plate one night for $12!


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