My running is not what it used to be and I have some down time right now.  I’m going to be honest; I used to think that as a runner, I just needed to run.  But after my injuries and  downtimes ( I used to run 5x/week. Now only 3 ),  I have decided that it’s time to add a little extra to my routine.

I have always done stretches and a few yoga poses after my runs but never taken yoga classes until a few days ago.  The first thought that came to my mind going through the flow of poses is that yoga takes as much concentration as when I’m running.  More than a physical benefit at this point, it is calming.  I’ve been stressed and realized that I have not taken deep breaths like these in a long time.  And yes, I have discovered that there are so many tight areas in my legs and back.

So began the free week trial at Corepower Yoga.  I’m going to be attending the easy classes at Ward studio.  Yoga needs to be relaxing for me and I don’t need to twist into a pretzel.  The classes are one hour-long and though some poses can be challenging, the focus is more on feeling relaxed and loosened up.  My body and mind  both feel balanced and calm after a class. Right now I don’t know how things are going to turn out with this but I’m being optimistic that practicing yoga will bring positive perspective to everyday life and running.  Another thing I have noticed so far, I seem to have muscle imbalances due to my injuries and aging.  This awareness will definitely  help with core and strength work needed for running.

Does yoga help running?  It helps you to be a more balanced runner.


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