I really needed a break from the city and my busy work schedule so took a weekend off in Kona.  Just hanging loose  and relaxing at the beaches.  That’s my therapy for stress; not really planning a whole lot of activities and doing whatever I feel like doing at the moment.  

I stayed at a cozy house in a quiet neighborhood  in Kahaluu-Keauhou, about 30 min drive from Kona International Airport.  The day I got there it was gray and rained all night but the sound of the rain was soothing to fall asleep with.  The next day the weather turned around and it was a perfect beach day!  I went to La’Aloa Beach Park and spent most of the second day swimming with a honu ( Hawaiian sea turtle ) and body surfing.  I have never felt spiritually so close to sea turtles before. When I got a little tired,  stretched out under the warm sun and listened to the sound of the tides coming in and out.  The sunset was beautiful!!

My husband and I are planning on moving here in the near future  so the rest of the time here I spent driving around the area.  Driving was relaxing and enjoyable.  It was a bonus that I got to drive a sporty Chevy Camaro.   

I take my eating seriously  most of the time but just this weekend didn’t really care so much that mostly lived on sandwiches and chips.  On the last night, I did have a pretty good meal of fresh caught Mahi.  I finished my weekend off with an early morning run before flying back to Honolulu. 

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