I was very skeptical of trying any running shoes from Hoka.  They all looked too bulky.  Cliftons and Claytons weren’t for me.  I weigh 103 lbs  and am 5’4 so have never been a fan of big and bulky shoes.  I’ve been suffering from a lot of injuries lately and decided to try the Tracers which claimed to provide protective cushion while still being lightweight.

My opinion of the shoes so far is good.  They are feather light and responsive, thanks to the PRO2LITE Dual Density midsole.  They weigh 6.3 oz  ( women’s size 7 ) and 7.0 oz ( men’s size 9 ).  The forefoot is on the narrow side which might cause a problem for some foot shapes.  The 4 mm off set makes the ride and transition smooth.  

I don’ have anything negative to say about the shoes.  They are rather expensive so I’m hoping they are durable as everyday training shoes.  If you are looking for lightweight shoes with a lot of cushion, give these a try! 



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