Hidden behind a residential area in a quiet Kahala neighborhood, Hunakai is a quick and private getaway from busy Waikiki.

You go there on a weekday and pretty much have your own private beach.  It can be hard to find going down a little alley between the homes on the beach.  Nevertheless, you’ll be rewarded  with the breathtaking view of aquamarine  ocean and coastline.  The beach is clean and unspoiled.  You can just park on the street if you drive there.  There’s also a bus line; just hop on #22 beach bus and you are there just on a short ride from Waikiki.

Weekends there are just as nice with local with families their four-legged companions happily playing in the water.

We all want to keep this beach a local “gem ” so let’s be respectful of the neighborhood and keep it clean!



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