I don’t normally like large running events but Honolulu Marathon is an exception.  

In recent years, It’s been considered as one of the world’s largest  marathons with average of 25,000 finishers each year.  It’s a huge party where runners from all over the world gather.  The race starts off near Ala Moana Center with massive fireworks and a lot of excitement.  The course then goes through downtown Honolulu making a loop.  Iolani  Palace, the statue of King Kamehameha and a lot of Christmas decorations  are along the way. It then goes back to Ala Moana Boulevard to Waikiki on Kalakaua Avenue towards Diamond Head.  From Diamond head, it heads east passing Kahala neighborhood and to Hawaii Kai, making a loop around  Hawaii Kai and go all the way back to finish at Kapiolani Park.  It’s a relatively flat course and the weather is lovely this time of year.   It’s to be held this year on Sunday, December 11.  

What I love about Honolulu Marathon is that it feels like home.  I love the genuine support from the kama’ainas ( locals ) who volunteer to cheer us on every year.  They give us bananas, homemade treats, drinks and words of encouragement.  

We run with so many people in these big races yet we are so alone whenever it comes to struggling to finish a marathon, any race or run.  People can run with you and give you words of encouragement.  But in the end, it is you and only you can do it.  

With  these mixed emotions I’ve run Honolulu Marathons.  I’m just grateful in all my struggles I’ve always received support and aloha here.  And I’ve always enjoyed eating  the malasadas way too much afterwards.  Mahalo Honolulu Marathon!  



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