Raison D’être
Raison D’être [rey-zohn de-truh; French re-zawn de-truh]

French noun, plural raisons d’être [rey-zohnz de-truh; French re-zawn de-truh] (Show IPA)
reason or justification for being or existence:
Art is the artist’s raison d’être.

Source: Dictionary.com

I used to think a lot about why I did this or that.  

Why do people do this or that?   We all want to believe that there’s a reason or justification for what we do.  It’s true that we are all here for a reason.  A person’s raison d’être might be to become a scholar, musician, athlete, artist, or an entrepreneur .  On the other hand, I’ve come to think that there are no particular reasons behind some things we do everyday.

For example, why do some people brush their teeth before breakfast and some do after?  If you really wanted a reason for that you could eventually come up with one.  But If you were asked why you brush before breakfast, most likely  you would say ” I just do”.   A lot of people ( including the other me ) have asked why  I run;  My answer has always been  ” I just do”.  I have asked myself of raison d’être for being here on this earth and the question seemed like an awakening of self.     

I’ve come to understand I do the things I do because they make me happy.  I am my raison d’être and that’s enough.  








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