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I’ve been injured for quite some time. My injury was very serious and it’s taken me a lot longer than expected to slowly run my way back to where I was before my injury.  I’m still not there yet.  Along the long journey, here are the five ( non – running ) things I’ve learned not to do.

1, Don’t Compare Yourself to the Healthy Runner You Were Before Injury

Let’s face it.  We all like to compare all our times to the previous ones on same courses. We are a competitive group of people who cannot help but do this all the time.  I’m very guilty of it.

2, Don’t Spend Too Much time on Social Media

Spending too much time on social media isn’t a good thing in general anyway.  There are a lot of good things associated with it of course.  But when you spend too much time on Facebook looking at everybody’s race times or reading about how he or she got through a hard workout, you are going to feel very frustrated.  

3, Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

We’ll all get injured sometime most likely.  Let’s celebrate other runners’ accomplishments during this time and try not to compare yourself to them.  They are healthy; you are not. 

4, Don’t Think About It All the Time

 If Running is important to you, it’s hard not to think about your injury all the time.  It’s believed thinking about it too much can actually delay healing.  Instead, visualize yourself getting better and fitter each day.

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5,  Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself

” I should’ve done this or that to prevent from my injury “.  I used to say this to myself all the time.  Instead of spending negative energy in finding faults with yourself, you can use this time to relax and kick back.  Take this opportunity to enjoy doing other things in life like traveling and playing other sports.

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