I don’t know how many of you watched the Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday.  Running is not of of the popular sports in America.  It’s rarely televised and not a moneymaker.  Running is honest and hard.  In today’s society most people want to escape from the reality and commitment it’s not the kind of sport one can casually participate in, watch or read about.  It’s sad to see lately though quite a few elite and non-elite runners cheat.

In the women’s race, it was pretty predictable between Shalene, Desiree, Amy and Kara.  As an Oiselle team member,  I was really hoping Kara would make the team.  She gave it all out there on the course and said no regrets.  My hats off to her, Oiselle team members and all the qualifiers.    

There has been a lot of clouds hanging over the winner of the men’s race, Galen Rupp and his coach.  We all want to give him the benefit of a doubt but for a new marathoner, his performance seems too good to be true.  Meb is Meb and he is still great after all these years.  

A lot of top contenders dropped out of the race mainly due to the weather.    It was 66 degrees when the gun went off and about 73 degrees around the finish times.  To me that’s not hot at all but it’s in the middle of winter around the world and everyone trained in low temperatures.  Running is honest;  you cannot do well without training for the conditions.  Even if you are in top condition and prepared for a race physically, a lot can go wrong on the particular day.  

I enjoyed watching the race and want to congratulate all the qualifiers for making it there.  But I’m hoping  more of underdog runners with dreams in their hearts will emerge for the 2020 Olympic Trials four years from now.    


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