20 miler yesterday was hard to do.  It’s mentally hard to keep going for that distance all on my own.  I did a new leg exercise on Sunday which left my legs feeling sore for the long run.  It wasn’t a smart thing to do, I know.  I had to go really easy on my pace for the long run.  I started my run yesterday at 4:20 a.m.  One of the advantages of running so early in the morning is my brain is not functioning properly enough to start questioning the insanity.  Until about 5:30 a.m., I saw only two humans and three vehicles.  I do like how peaceful it is in the early morning.  It’s a lot cooler too.  I need to be careful I don’t get injured like when I was training for the Kauai Marathon.  It was about three weeks before the marathon, I stepped into a hole in a puddle of water and hurt my foot.  After that, I wasn’t able to run like before it happened.  Anything can happen when you are out there putting in the miles.  My worst fear is getting attacked by dogs.  I had been attacked by a neighbor’s vicious dog before and ended up in an emergency room with stitches.  I still have scars from it.  Today’s run was an easy 4 miler.  My legs weren’t feeling too badly.  I’m glad I took it easy yesterday.  It was particularly nice I was done before it started pouring down rain.  I just put in the miles everyday and dream of my next marathon-vacation.

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