I started my long run this morning at 4:40 a.m.  It was quite windy this morning.  I strap a head light on my hydration belt when it’s dark.  The light was not working very good this morning; it would stay on for while and then go out.  I made sure the batteries were good last night.  I parked my car in a parking lot on the base and started out doing 2x3mi laps so I would be able to use my car as a water/Gatorade stop every three miles for the first part of my run.  After that, I relied on my fuel belt for the rest of my run.  I took in Gatorade and water every three miles.  This island is hot and humid, you need to be careful about hydration.  I was going to do 17mi but felt okay so did 18mi.  My pace was easy and that’s good.  I hadn’t  run long since Honolulu Marathon in December.  I’m feeling thirsty all the time today.
I like to run by myself.  And I like to  run early in the morning before the rest of the world starts moving.  It’s peaceful in the morning and I can really focus on a run.  It’s really hard getting out of bed on some days though.
Long runs are not easy.  Today was one of the better days.  Some days I cannot focus at all and other days I just feel so tired.  I curse at myself on the bad days.  I wish I felt the same all the time.  Well I’m only human after all.  I cursed at the strong head wind when was going up the hill.  Running shows you what you are made of.

Chinese Temple in Singapore……Interesting City to Run

I was in a bad funk all day yesterday so I told my husband he should stay away from me.  The only highlight of yesterday was hearing from my daughter that she is safe, sound and having a great time in India.  I like to travel too.  I went to Singapore two years ago and had a wonderful time.  I did a lot of running there.  It’s always exciting to run in a new place.  I want to run the marathon in Singapore one of these days.  They have the best chicken and rice!  

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