I’m Adding Soy milk to This

There’s no doubt; I’m losing what little speed I had.  I made it to the oval torture chamber this morning.  I started out with 1.5 mi of warm up and easy drills.  I did a an easier version of what I used to do; 1600m, 2x800m, 4x400m, 2x200m.  I ran half the distance of an interval between sets.  I felt like quitting during the   second lap of last 800m.  My splits were a lot slower than they used to be.  I was expecting this so it didn’t come as a surprise.  I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  I haven’t pushed so hard in a long time.  I miss my high school cross country legs and lungs.  The weather was nice; there was just enough breeze going to keep it cool.
I do core workouts three times a week.  I find them really boring to be honest.  I tell myself that these workouts are going to keep me running without injuries for a long time.  I’ve been lucky without any serious injuries all these years.  I just have this chronic back issues that really affect my running on some days.

This Tasted So Good After the Run

I’m one of those people who never go to a doctor.  I just don’t like doctors and hospitals.  Let’s hope I won’t have to spend any time at clinics and hospitals.
When I see somebody I haven’t seen in a while he/she typically asks if I’m still running.  They know the answer.  Instead, he/she should just say, ” Why do you run? ”  I’d answer, ” I  just do. “
I’m really disappointed in Lance Armstrong and all the others who cheat in sports.  He has let a lot of people down.  The person he let down the most is his son who believed in him when everybody else didn’t.  I’m a parent.  I don’t know how Lance can look at his son after all this.  I wonder what his VO2 MAX. would have been without the drugs.
My next run is a 17 miler on Monday.     

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