Today’s run; 6.2mi.@7:45 pace.  A little faster than yesterday.  My legs are feeling better each day.  I wore those Nike compression socks today.  It’s the dry season here on  Guam and I must say this is the only time of  a year I feel somewhat comfortable running.  This is before the sun comes out, of course. It’s been really windy with the trade winds.

Breakfast; Tomato&Basil Omelet, Toast and Coffee

Lunch; Asian Style Spicy Noodles with Spinach and Green Onions

Dinner; Chili with Rice, Quinoa, Green Beans, Mini Salad with Broccoli & Beer

My post-run drink is soy milk.  It has a good combination of carbohydrate and protein.  You get as much calcium as you would from cows milk.  I make smoothies with soy-milk also. My favorite is a triple berry smoothie ( strawberry, raspberry and blueberry).
 On my running days I eat  big breakfasts.  I  typically have an omelet, two slices of toast, fruits, coffee and orange juice.  I’m one of those runners eat really normally.  I don’t do wired diets.  I’m a foodie so I put a lot of emphasis on the QUALITY of food.  I don’t count calories and obsess about eating unhealthy foods sometimes. 
I understand when you have to work all day it’s hard to eat well.  One good thing for me right now since I’d been fired is that I have more time to cook.  There is a bright side to being fired.  Oh, and I was finally able to give my former employer  piece of my mind  after he started giving me a hard time about sending my W-2s.  That felt soooo good.
Lunch is normally noodles with veggies and some protein.  Asian style noodles or pasta.  I eat spinach with my lunch everyday.  Lunch is followed by a small desert ( a few pieces of chocolate etc….) and tea ( green tea, black tea or ginger tea ).
I have a small snack between lunch and dinner.  It’s usually a fruit like a banana, apple, mango, papaya and pineapple.  I’m such an islander when it comes to fruits.
Dinner is rice,  fish or meat, veggies and beer.  I have a can or bottle of beer every night.  I’m part Asian so I have to have my rice.  My guys being guys have to have their meat pretty much every night.  I make American,  Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Italian.  The challenge here on Guam is that the variety of food at grocery stores is limited.  I miss the Whole Foods Market. 
What’s for dinner tonight?……..    

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