Today’s run; 5.3 mi. @7:48 pace.  I ran that bad half marathon on Sat.( Feb. 16th ).  All this week is going to be an easy running week.  It’s been hard getting myself out of the door after the bad run.  I need to get my self back into training for the marathon in April.  Since I’ve been running for a long time, it’s getting really hard for me to improve on my speed.  I should put in a regular track session.  I haven’t seen the oval for a long time.
 I need to increase mileage and improve on my speed at the same time.  My long time goal is to BQ(  Boston Qualify ).  I ran the Kauai Marathon in Sept. 2012 and Honolulu again three months later in Dec.  I have to say running two marathons within 3 months took a toll on my body. Kauai Marathon was the hardest course I’ve ever ran.  About half of the course is uphill.  It was beautiful running there though.  My Honolulu Marathon was a disaster  compared to the one in 2011.  You just learn a lot from your bad runs what not to do.

My family still insists that my running is good.  It doesn’t seem good to me at all.  I’m sure what’s been happening with my life affects me a lot mentally.  I  spent this morning after the run, breakfast and shower, doing errands.  This island is only 35 miles long and the only thing keeping it going is the tourism industry.  the tourism industry here is very small, compared to a place like Hawaii.  I’m not a native of the island, and the only family I have here is my husband and son.  I’m dreaming of living in Hawaii in a few years.         

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