2011 Honolulu Marathon, on  my way to a 3:53 finish

Hi. My name is Tamami and I’m a runner.  I’ve been running for a long time.  I ran in high school and then I quit for a long time.  After I had my two kids and when they were about 4 and 5, I started again.  Now my kids are both in college and I’m still running.  I have ran through my dad’s death, my grandfather’s death,   sickness, countless birthdays and  my husband’s deployments, my daughter leaving home for college, and recently, my beloved four legged daughter’s death.  I’ve won a few races.  I’ve had many disappointing ones.  Just like many runners out there, I’ve been pounding the pavement every morning for all these years.

My family and I, with the exception of our daughter who lives in Oregon, currently live on a small island called Guam.  It’s a tiny dot you’d see on a map in the Pacific near the Equator.  This island is hot.  The humidity here is always 70-80%.  This makes running a lot  harder than it would anywhere else.  I always come back from a run drenched in sweat.  I’ve run races in other places and I find it a lot easier to run in less humidity.  There are a lot of runners for such a small island.  I’ve been with the running community here for the last 13 years.  A lot of new runners.  Old timers like myself I can count on my fingers.

I’ve just ran a half marathon here.  It was such a disappointing race.  I’m slower by 4 minutes from last year’s time.  I haven’t been running like myself at all.  I’ve been moping around since the race.  I need to just forget about it.  Thankfully, my family is understanding of my foul mood these days.  I have recently gotten fired from a job.  

2011 Honolulu Marathon, mile 12
My baby Brandy in doggie heaven
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